Thursday, August 9, 2007

Week 9

#23: Finished!

Wow, it's finally over for me...or is it? I've learned so much doing this program that I'd love to continue and find what else is out there for me to try and possibly use. It taught me so many things that I could have been using in my daily life, such as the online document creations I can use through Google Documents. I'm always needing something to write information down, and half the time I can't seem to find a paper and pen. With this option, all I need is the Internet and boom, I can write down whatever thoughts I have. I also enjoyed creating a Rollyo for piano instructions. I was able to share my ideas and thoughts to whoever discovers my Rollyo and hopefully help them enjoy the piano as much as I do.

This program has given me, well I don't know what words to use, but basically I want to keep learning. I want to see what else is out there. Like I said before, I want to continue and learn more. I've shared my thoughts and ideas not only in this blog, but with friends and family, and what I have been able to discover has helped people that are in my life also, which is a great feeling. So, I guess you can say I've learned and I taught through this program.

If this program was ever offered again, or something similar to it, I'd be all for it. It was fun and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Week 9

#22: Audiobooks

I've always used Overdrive for my downloadable books. I can find many books there that I enjoy reading or listening too if there is an audio file. I've never used Project Gutenberg before, so I gave it a try. It's rather nice to be able to find many different versions of a book. Although I can't read French, knowing that books are there available in that language is cool. I searched generally for most downloadable books and came across Sherlock Holmes. I've always enjoyed reading stories of Sherlock Holmes and Watson. I also think it's great that you can read the books online without having to download them. Of course, downloading them is always best, but still, the idea of reading them online with no downloads needed is awesome. You could be anywhere with an Internet connection and you can read the book.

I really like having the ability to 'check out' books online and read them on my own time. Some books, yes, have a limit to how long you can have it out, but others you can download and listen to them even past the due date. I like that idea, especially if you can't get to the library to check out books or books on tape. This is a great feature that libraries have, and I enjoy using it.

Week 9

#21: Podcasts

I've never listened to podcasts before. I think they are really neat after testing some of these sites. The site I found easiest to navigate was Yahoo Podcasts. I found some podcasts I liked, but the one I liked the best was Radio Disney.

I like Disney and hearing about new things coming to Disney, movies, singers and anything else related to Disney. I listened to a few of these, and they are rather good. I've also added this podcast to my favorite feeds in Bloglines. (

I did find a good book review podcast that I enjoyed listening too. It's called Between the Lines:

This podcast talks to authors of books as well as a review of the book. Opinions are given and facts are given. It's a great site to listen to reviews of books.

Week 9

#20: You Tube

You Tube has so many videos that viewers can watch. There are music videos, videos that were created by users, and there are videos that are slide shows. My favorite things on You Tube, aside from frogs, of course, are videos of silly hamsters. The video I'm placing on here is a hamster eating popcorn while laying on a piano. I can relate to this because I had hamsters most of my life. Right now I have gerbils, but hamsters are so funny. When they set their mind on something, you can do almost anything to them. This video I just couldn't stop laughing. I hope you enjoy it.

Using videos for library purposes is a great idea. Libraries could create videos that are informational, such as how to use the Internet or how to apply for a library card. Something along those lines. Instructional videos are best. I'm sure libraries can come up with many uses for creating video clips. I just think videos online are fun to watch, especially if you can find some instructional videos.

Here's the video:

Week 8

#19: Award Sites

I looked at many sites, of course the 'fun' sites including fuzzmail On this site/email, you can write an email to anyone you want, but it will show up as if you are typing it right before their eyes. It even has your mistakes that you correct as you're typing. This is very handy if you want to get a message across, but don't want it to sound like a letter.

Another site I thought was useful is This site can help you find used books, and even books that are out of print and hard to find at a normal bookstore. I did a search for Guinness World Records 1980 edition because my uncle is in the book for the largest cake ever baked, and I was able to find $1.50! Now that's a bargain. The prices for books on this site are great. Libraries can use this tool if a customer is looking for a particular book and the library is unable to locate the book. I think it could really help.

I think there are a lot of sites and tools on this list of award nominees that people would love to have or to try. I had a great time exploring them and I'm going to explore more when I have some more time!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Week 8

#18 - Google Docs and Zoho Writer

I knew creating documents in Microsoft Word was easy, but this was very handy, especially if Word isn't available to use. There isn't much difference between Google and Zoho. Both work the same way. I've posted both here in my blog. One you will see the smiley faces, and the other you won't. Maybe one day they will appear on the screen, but until then, I'm letting you know. Creating documents using these two programs is very convenient. The only problem I faced using the applications was in Zoho. It was a slow process, but it did process my information. Google went very fast. Either way, I liked using an online writing tool. Now when I'm away and need to create a document to use later on, I can create one online and when I get home, there's my document. Very neat!

Testing the abilities of Google Docs:

cool I am testing this document.

cry Changing the Font in Google Docs.

embarassed Changing the Font.

foot in mouth Highlighting.

frown Emoticons!

innocent Changing the Font color.

  • kiss Bullets
  • Bullets again!

laughing ♥ΔÅ©®¾½¼∏ - Special Characters


Insert A Table

sealed Found out you can't edit the size of the Table.

smile Bold. Underline. Italics. All Three Together.

surprised Strikethrough.

tongue_out - Inserting an HTML

undecided - Adding Pictures! Tiny Frog!

wink Horizontal Rule

yell This is all I can do for this document. I just had one more smiley to use. It was fun!